Index of Monsters by CRs - 5

Name Map Tool Token Link Type
Abyssal RavagerRPTok Outsider
AchaieraiRPTok Outsider
Large Air ElementalRPTok Elemental
Very young Amethyst DragonRPTok Dragon
Huge Animated ObjectRPTok Construct
Adult ArrowhawkRPTok Outsider
5th-Level Astral ConstructRPTok Construct
Average PsurlonRPTok Aberration
Greater BarghestRPTok Outsider
BasiliskRPTok Magical Beast
Bearded DevilRPTok Outsider
Young Black DragonRPTok Dragon
Very young Bronze DragonRPTok Dragon
Chain GolemRPTok Construct
CloakerRPTok Aberration
Giant Constrictor SnakeRPTok Animal
Very young Copper DragonRPTok Dragon
Young Crystal DragonRPTok Dragon
DjinniRPTok Outsider
Large Earth ElementalRPTok Elemental
Very young Emerald DragonRPTok Dragon
Ettin SkeletonRPTok Undead
Large Fire ElementalRPTok Elemental
GambolRPTok Magical Beast
Gibbering MoutherRPTok Aberration
Wyrmling Gold DragonRPTok Dragon
Gold HorrorRPTok Construct
Young Green DragonRPTok Dragon
Green HagRPTok Monstrous Humanoid
GuttersnipeRPTok Construct
HieracosphinxRPTok Magical Beast
Six-Headed HydraRPTok Magical Beast
JovocRPTok Outsider
Dire LionRPTok Animal
LupinalRPTok Outsider
ManticoreRPTok Magical Beast
MarrashRPTok Outsider
MercaneRPTok Outsider
Huge Monstrous SpiderRPTok Vermin
MorkothRPTok Aberration
MummyRPTok Undead
NightmareRPTok Outsider
Ochre JellyRPTok Ooze
OrcaRPTok Animal
Phase SpiderRPTok Magical Beast
RastRPTok Outsider
RavidRPTok Outsider
Reason StealerRPTok Ooze
Very young Red DragonRPTok Dragon
Very young Sapphire DragonRPTok Dragon
Shadow MastiffRPTok Outsider
Very young Silver DragonRPTok Dragon
SirineRPTok Fey
Dire SnakeRPTok Animal
Spawn of KyussRPTok Undead
Spider EaterRPTok Magical Beast
Stained Glass GolemRPTok Construct
SylphRPTok Outsider
Tauric Hobgoblin-GriffonRPTok Monstrous Humanoid
Adult TojanidaRPTok Outsider
Very young Topaz DragonRPTok Dragon
TrollRPTok Giant
UdorootRPTok Plant
UnbodiedRPTok Monstrous Humanoid
War BatRPTok Animal
Warbeast RhinocerosRPTok Animal
Large Water ElementalRPTok Elemental
Bear Form WerebearRPTok Humanoid
Human Form WerebearRPTok Humanoid
Hybrid Form WerebearRPTok Humanoid
Human Form WeretigerRPTok Humanoid
Hybrid Form WeretigerRPTok Humanoid
Tiger Form WeretigerRPTok Humanoid
Winter WolfRPTok Magical Beast
WraithRPTok Undead
WysteRPTok Aberration
Yuan-Ti HalfbloodRPTok Monstrous Humanoid