Index of Spells by Level - Brd 1

Name Scl Sv Rs Dur CT Rng Re Description
Accelerated Movement T N N 1r/l* 1sw P G

Swift. Balance, Climb, Hide, Move Silently, and Tumble at normal speed with no penalty on skill check.

Alarm A N N 2h/l* 1a C 4h

Wards an area for 2 hours/level.

Alustriel's Banner (M) I Wd N 1r/l* 1a L G

Create a minor image of a banner that is illuminated to guide and light.

Ambient Song I W- N 1m/l* 1a P 30m

Masks bardic music effects as other sounds.

Amplify T W- Y;* 1m/l 1a L G

Lowers Listen DC by 20.

Ancient Knowledge D N N 1h/l# 1m P G

Gain a +5 insight bonus on a single Knowledge check.

Animate Rope T N N 1r/l 1a M G

Makes a rope move at your command.

Appraising Touch D N N 1m/l 1a P 30m

Grants a bonus on Appraise skill checks.

Armor Lock T F- Y 1r/l* 1a C G

Target's (non-natural) armor slows movement to 10 ft.

Beastland Ferocity En F- Y 1m/l 1a T 30m

Subject fights without penalty while disabled or dying.

Cause Fear N W~ Y 1d4r|1r;x 1a C G

One creature of 5 HD or less flees for 1d4 rounds.

Charm Person En W- Y 1h/l 1a C 1h

Makes one humanoid friendly. Creature gets +5 to save if threatened or attacked.

Cheat (F) T- W- N 1m/l# 1a P 30m

Caster rerolls when determining the success of a game of chance.

Comprehend Languages D N N 10m/l 1a P 4h

Touch creature or writing to understand language, but you cannot speak or write them.

Lesser Confusion En W- Y 1r 1a C G

One creature is confused for 1 round.

Crabwalk T N N 1m/l 1a T 5m

Subject gains +2 to AC and Attacks when charging.

Critical Strike D N N 1r 1sw P G

Swift. For 1 round you gain +1d6 damage, doubled threat range, and +4 on attack rolls to confirm critical hits.

Cure Light Wounds C Y;* ! 1a T G

Cures 1d8 damage +1/level (max +5).

Dead End I W-|Wd Y 10m/l* 1a T 1h

Illusions conceal the targets' spoor.

Detect Attitude D N Y C:1r/l 1a C G

Reveals target's attitude.

Detect Secret Doors D N N C:1m/l* 1a 60f G

Round 1: presence of doors within 60' thru less than 1' stone or 1" metal. 2: number and location of each w/in line of sight, or direction otherwise.

Discern Bloodline D W- Y C:1r/l 1a C G

Know the race of one creature/level.

Disguise Self I N N 10m/l* 1a P 4h

Change your appearance, +10 to Disguise check. Glamer creatures get a Will save.

Distort Speech T F- Y 1r/l 1a C G

Target's speech becomes unintelligible, hampers spellcasting.

Distract En W- Y 1r/l 1a M G

Distracts targets with the zest for life.

Distracting Shadows Ev N N 1d 1a T G

-5 penalty on Spot and Search checks in a 10-ft.-radius spread.

Elf Disguise I N N 1h/l* 1a P 4h

As disguise self, except no body changes and only to an Elf type.

Erase T N N ! 1a C G

Mundane or magical writing vanishes.

Expeditious Retreat T N N 1m/l* 1a P 30m

Your speed* increases by 30 ft.

Swift Expeditious Retreat T N N 1r 1sw P G

Your speed increases by 30 ft. for 1 round (swift).

Extract Drug (F) C N N P 1m T G

Creates drug from inanimate object.

Feather Fall T W- Y #|1r/l 1ia C G

Objects or creatures fall slowly.

Focusing Chant En N N 1m* 1sw P G

Improves concentration; +1 on attack rolls or selected checks.

Friendly Face I N N 10m/l* 1a P 1h

Gain +5 bonus on Diplomacy and Gather Information checks.

Ghost Pipes T W- Y 1m/l* 1a T G

Causes an instrument to float above the ground and play itself. If used with your bardic music ability, grants a +2 competence bonus on your Perform check.

Glimpse of Fear I W- Y 1r/l;x 1a C G

A flash of horror causes the target to become shaken.

Grease C N N 1r/l* 1a C G

Makes 10-ft. square or one object slippery.

Guiding Light Ev N Y 1m/l* 1a L 5m

+2 on ranged attacks against creatures in illuminated area.

Guilt En W- Y 1d4r 1a M G

A non-good creature is forced to think about some evil deed it performed, denying it any actions except to defend itself.

Healthful Rest C W- Y 1d 10m C G

Subjects heal at twice the normal rate.

Herald's Call En W- Y 1r 1sw 20f G

Shout slows those within 20 ft.

Hidden Ward I N N 1d;x 10m T G

Hide magical effects on an object.

Hideous Laughter En W- Y 1r/l 1a C G

Subject loses actions for 1 round/level.

Hypnotism En W- Y 2d4r* 1r C G

2d4 HD of creatures become 2 steps friendlier, obey reasonable orders, need not understand you. Creatures on combat get +2 to save, otherwise -2.

Identify (M) D N N ! 1h T G

Determines properties of magic item.

Improvisation T N N 1r/l* 1a P G

Applies +2 points/level of luck bonuses to selected checks or attacks.

Incite En W- Y 1m/l 1sw C 5m

Subject can't ready actions or delay.

Inhibit En W- Y ! 1a M G

Subject delays until next round.

Insidious Rhythm En W- Y 1m/l 1ia M 30m

Implants melody in subject's mind; -4 penalty on Concentration checks, requires Concentration check for spellcasting.

Inspirational Boost En N N 1r;x 1sw P G

Swift. The bonuses granted by your inspire courage ability increase by 1

Instant Diversion I N N 1r 1sw P G

Creates 1 illusory double + 1 illusory double/4 levels (max 5).

Swift Invisibility I N N 1r 1sw P G

Invisibility lasts 1 round (swift).

Ironguts A W- Y 10m/l 1a T 1h

Target gains +5 bonus on saving throws against poison*.

Ironthunder Horn T R- Y ! 1a 30f G

Intense vibrations trip those in area.

Ivory Flesh T W- Y 1h/l 1a T 6h

Flesh turns white, granting +5 circumstance bonus on Hide checks in snow and ice.

Joyful Noise A N N C 1a 10f G

You negate silence in a 10-ft.-radius emanation for as long as you concentrate.

Know Protections D W- Y ! 1a C G

Determines target's defenses.

Locate City D N N ! 1r 10m/l 1h

Find nearest city.

Locate Touchstone D N N ! 1a txt 6h

Find nearest planar touchstone on the plane you currently inhabit.

Loresong D N N 1r/l 1m P G

You gain a bonus with one skill and can use it untrained.

Lucky Streak T W- Y 1m/l* 1a C G

Target gains +2 luck bonus on rerolls made with luck feats.

Mage Burr T F- Y 1r/l* 1a C G

Target's armor suffers 2X arcane failure chance, target takes -5 penalty to Concentration checks.

Magic Aura I N N 1d/l* 1a T 24h

Alters objects magic aura.

Magic Mouth (M) I W- Y P# 1a C 24h

Speaks once when triggered.

Master's Touch D N N 1m/l* 1sw P 5m

You gain proficiency in any one weapon or shield.

Mimicry T N N 1m/l 1a P G

Perfectly mimic familiar sounds, voices, or accents.

No Light T N N 1m/l 1a C 5m

Prevents normal light from illuminating.

Obscure Object A W- Y 8h* 1a T 24h

Masks object against scrying.

Phantom Threat I W- Y 1r/l 1a C G

Subject is flanked despite nothing being there.

Quickswim T N N 1h/l* 1a P 6h

Your swim speed increases by 10 ft.

Ray of Hope En W- Y 1r/l 1a C G

Subject gains +2 bonus on attacks, saves, and checks.

Ray of Light Ev N * 10m/l*|! 1a C G

Creates a narrow cone of light.

Remove Fear A W- Y 10m;x 1a C G

Suppresses fear or gives +4 on saves against fear for one subject + one per four levels.

Remove Scent T W- Y 10m/l 1a T G

Hides touched creature's scent.

Scholar's Touch D N N C:1r/l 1a P 1h

Read books in seconds.

Serene Visage I N N 1m/l 1a P 5m

Grants a bonus on Bluff checks.

Shock and Awe En W- Y 1r 1a C G

Reduces a surprised creature's initiative roll.

Silent Image I Wd N C 1a L G

Creates minor illusion of your design.

Silent Sound Ev N Y ! 1a C G

Ranged attack roll deals 1d6/level (max 5d6) sonic damage.

Sleep En W- Y 1m/l 1r M G

Puts 4 HD of creatures into magical slumber.

Sorrow En- W- Y 1r/l 1a C G

Subject takes -3 penalty on attacks, saves, and checks.

Stay the Hand En W- Y ! 1ia M G

Change subject creature's attitude to helpful for 1 round.

Sticky Fingers T N N 10m/l* 1a P 1h

Gain +10 bonus to Sleight of Hand checks.

Summon Monster I C N N 1r/l* 1r C G

Calls extraplanar creature to fight for you.

Targeting Ray D N N 1r/l 1a M G

Creates a beam of light between caster and target.

Temporary Soul Binding C W- N 1m/l# 1r T G

An item is temporarily soul bound to the subject.

Undersong T N N 10m/l 1a P 1h

Make Perform checks in place of Concentration checks.

Understand Object D N N ! 1m T G

Determine the non-magical functions of an object or technological item.

Undetectable Alignment A W- Y 1d 1a C 24h

Conceals alignment for 24 hours.

Unravel T F- Y ! 1a C G

Unravels targets cloths, entangleing them.

Unseen Servant C N N 1h/l 1a C 6h

Invisible force obeys your commands.

Ventriloquism I Wd N 1m/l* 1a C 5m

Throws voice for 1 min./level.