Index of Feats by Name Letters - E

Eagle Claw Attack
Earth's Embrace
Easy Metamagic
Efficient Hunter
Efficient Item Creation
Eldritch Claws
Eldritch Erosion
Elemental Theurgy
Improved Elemental Wild Shape
Elusive Dance
Elusive Target
Elven Pride of Arms
Empower Power
Empower Spell
Empower Spell-Like Ability
Empower Turning
Sudden Empower
Empowered Ability Damage
Endure Sunlight
Enduring Ki
Enduring Life
Energize Spell
Energy Admixture
Improved Energy Drain
Energy Resistance
Energy Substitution
Sudden Energy Substitution
Enervate Spell
Enhance Spell
Enhanced Power Sigils
Enhanced Shadow Reality
Enlarge Mucus Cloud
Enlarge Power
Enlarge Spell
Sudden Enlarge
Entangling Spell
Epic Dodge
Epic Endurance
Epic Expanded Knowledge
Epic Fortitude
Epic Inspiration
Epic Leadership
Epic Of The Lost King
Epic Prowess
Epic Psionic Focus
Epic Reflexes
Epic Reputation
Epic Skill Focus
Epic Speed
Epic Spell Focus
Epic Spell Penetration
Epic Spellcasting
Epic Toughness
Epic Weapon Focus
Epic Weapon Specialization
Epic Will
Eschew Materials
Etch Rune
Eternal Strength
Ethereal Sidestep
Evil Brand
Evil Embraced
Evocation Resistance
Exalted Companion
Exalted Smite
Exalted Spell Resistance
Exalted Turning
Exalted Wild Shape
Exceptional Deflection
Excised From the Web of Life
Exhausting Rage
Exotic Weapon Proficiency
Expanded Ki Pool
Expanded Knowledge
Expert Swimmer
Expert Tactician
Explosive Spell
Extend Power
Extend Rage
Extend Spell
Sudden Extend
Extended Life Span
Extra Domain Spell
Extra Edge
Extra Invocation
Extra Music
Extra Rage
Extra Slot
Extra Smiting
Extra Spell
Extra Spell Secret
Extra Stunning
Extra Turning
Extraordinary Concentration
Extraordinary Spell Aim
Eyes in the Back of Your Head