Welcome To Andy's Page for my Safe Texture program!

Version 1.1 is now done.

What SafeTex does:

This program will change the actual texture data of your level to a solid color. ID has not copywritten 64x64 or most any other sized flat color, so you can safely distribute levels based on registered quake or doom or any other game's textures, the only catch is that the recipiant must have the textures themselves. IE have pak1.pak, made doomtex.wad or what ever other wad based off of another game's texture set. Then the recipiant just undoes what you did with this program. Probably with a batch file you included. This will modify levels you put in a pak or a BSP file and find textures in a Pak, BSP, or Wad file.

No point in distributing a Wad. This version supports IWAD files!!


This version is 1.1.

Get it!

Have fun.

Email Andy Bay with questions.