Rapid Resurrection

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NameRapid Resurrection
SchoolConjuration (Healing) [Ectomancy]
LevelArc 6, Clr 6, Hlr 6, SaveLife 6, Shu 6
ComponentsV, S, M, DF
Casting Time1 standard action
Recharge TimeGeneral
TargetDead creature touched.
Saving ThrowNone; see text
Spell ResistanceNo
SourcesAndrew Schenkelberg
Short Description

Restores a person to life who died within the last 2 rounds and damages caster.


Diamond dust worth a total of least 10,000 gp.

Living GreyhawkUnlockable

You restore life to a deceased creature. You can raise a creature that has been dead for no longer than 2 full rounds. In addition, the subject's soul must be free and willing to return. If the subject's soul is not willing to return, the spell does not work; therefore, a subject that wants to return receives no saving throw. The caster takes 1d6 non-lethal damage per Hit Die of the target (before the target loses the level from being raised.)

Coming back from the dead is an ordeal. The subject of the spell loses one level (or 1 Hit Die) when it is raised, just as if it had lost a level or a Hit Die to an energy-draining creature. If the subject is 1st level, it loses 2 points of Constitution instead (if this would reduce its Con to 0 or less, it can't be raised). This level/HD loss or Constitution loss cannot be repaired by any means. Upon completion of the spell, the creature is immediately restored to full hit points, vigor, and health, with no loss of prepared spells.

The condition of the remains is not a factor. So long as some small portion of the creatures body still exists, it can be resurrected, but the portion receiving the spell must have been part of the creatures body at the time of death. (The remains of a creature hit by a disintegrate spell count as a small portion of its body.)

You can resurrect someone killed by a death effect or someone who has been turned into an undead creature and then destroyed. You cannot resurrect someone who has died of old age. Constructs, elementals, outsiders, and undead creatures can't be resurrected.

Source Description: Spells Developed by Drew for his DnD campaigns.

Source Copyright: Drew's Spells Copyright 2004 Andrew Schenkelberg

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