Read Magic

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NameRead Magic
LevelAdp 0, APeace 0, Arc 0, Beguiler 0, Blg 0, Brd 0, ChamGwyn 1, Clr 0, Drd 0, Duskblade 0, HB 1, Hlr 0, Hoard 1, Pal 1, Rgr 1, Shu 0, Sor/Wiz 0, Wuj 0
ComponentsV, S, F
Casting Time1 standard action
Recharge TimeGeneral
Duration10 min./level
SourcesSystem Reference Document on page 269
Short Description

Read scrolls and spellbooks.


A clear crystal or mineral prism.

Living GreyhawkOpen

By means of read magic, you can decipher magical inscriptions on objectsbooks, scrolls, weapons, and the likethat would otherwise be unintelligible. This deciphering does not normally invoke the magic contained in the writing, although it may do so in the case of a cursed scroll. Furthermore, once the spell is cast and you have read the magical inscription, you are thereafter able to read that particular writing without recourse to the use of read magic. You can read at the rate of one page (250 words) per minute. The spell allows you to identify a glyph of warding with a DC 13 Spellcraft check, a greater glyph of warding with a DC 16 Spellcraft check, or any symbol spell with a Spellcraft check (DC 10 + spell level).

Read magic can be made permanent with a permanency spell.

Source Copyright: System Reference Document Copyright 2000-2003, Wizards of the Coast, Inc.; Authors Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook, Skip Williams, Rich Baker, Andy Collins, David Noonan, Rich Redman, Bruce R. Cordell, John D. Rateliff, Thomas Reid, James Wyatt, based on original material by E. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.

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