Dragonskin Armor

NameDragonskin Armor
Sorted NameDragonskin Armor
FamilyArmor Ability
Item SlotBody
Price564,550 gp
Price as Gold Pieces564550
Creation Cost283,250 gp + 15,629 XP
Armor/Shield Bonus+13
Maximum Dex Bonus+1
Armor Check Penalty-5
Arcane Spell Failure Chance35%
Speed (30 ft. base)20 ft.
Speed (20 ft. base)15 ft.
Weight50 lb.
Caster Level24
SourcesSystem Reference Document

Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Epic Magic Arms and Armor, protection from energy, shapechange


This +5 full plate armor is crafted from the hide of a great wyrm dragon. At the wearer's command, the armor sprouts enormous dragon wings, allowing the wearer to fly at a speed of 90 feet (clumsy) for a total of 4 hours each day. The armor also grants immunity to a specific type of energy, based on the color of dragon that supplied the armor. Roll d% on the following table to determine the color and immunity.

d% Color Immunity
01-10 Black Acid
11-20 Blue Lightning
21-30 Brass Fire
31-40 Bronze Lightning
41-50 Copper Acid
51-60 Gold Fire
61-70 Green Acid
71-80 Red Fire
81-90 Silver Cold
91-100 White Cold

The wearer of the armor takes a -4 circumstance penalty on Diplomacy checks with dragons, but gains a +4 circumstance bonus on Intimidate checks against dragons.

Source Copyright: System Reference Document Copyright 2000-2003, Wizards of the Coast, Inc.; Authors Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook, Skip Williams, Rich Baker, Andy Collins, David Noonan, Rich Redman, Bruce R. Cordell, John D. Rateliff, Thomas Reid, James Wyatt, based on original material by E. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.

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