Index of Items by Sources - Sandstorm


Name Family Category SubCategory Price
Ashworm Pellet Wondrous     6825 gp 
Bottle of Endless Sand Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  21600 gp 
Burnoose of 1001 Thorns Wondrous     10080 gp 
Burnoose of Moonless Nights Wondrous     33000 gp 
Cape of the Wastes Wondrous     30000 gp 
Cloak of Garden Shade Wondrous     10000 gp 
Cloak of Sandswimming Wondrous     15000 gp 
Cool Armor Ability     2400 gp 
Desiccating Weapon Ability     +2 bonus 
Desiccating Burst Weapon Ability     +3 bonus 
Dessication Resistance Armor Ability     9000 gp 
Duststorm Weapon Ability     +3 bonus 
Everfresh Bottle Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  10000 gp 
Figurine of Wondrous Power - Gold Beetle Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  11500 gp 
Figurine of Wondrous Power - Ivory Camel Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  8500 gp 
Folding Sand Vessel Wondrous     100000 gp 
Glass of Distance Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  52200 gp 
Glove of Choking Sand Wondrous     16200 gp 
Gloves of Sand Shaping Wondrous     15000 gp 
Goggles of the Desert Wondrous     8.25 gp 
Jug of Whirlwinds Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  64800 gp 
Lamp of Stars Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  1100 gp 
Lash of the Sands Weapons     56400 gp 
Lens of the Desert Wondrous     66000 gp 
Mask of Sweet Air Wondrous     147000 gp 
Opal of Tunneling Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  6350 gp 
Personal Oasis Wondrous     18600 gp 
Portable Fountain Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  1800 gp 
Portable Shade Wondrous     2000 gp 
Replenishing Skin Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  1000 gp 
Ring of Sandform Ring     24000 gp 
Ring of Sandstriding Ring     5000 gp 
Ring of the Blazing Sun Ring     135000 gp 
Rod of Sand Repelling Rod     60000 gp 
Sand Painting - Mandala of Peace Wondrous     2880 gp 
Sand Painting - Travelers' Oasis Wondrous     4000 gp 
Sandals of the Shifting Sands Wondrous     2500 gp 
Scorpion Carapace Armor Ability     32000 gp 
Slashing Sand Wondrous     2000 gp 
Staff of Nomads Staff     49500 gp 
Staff of the Pharaoh Staff     82901 gp 
Staff of the Sands Staff     79890 gp 
Staff of Withering Thirst Staff     91880 gp 
Thirsty Sand Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  3000 gp 
Tovar's Instant Well Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  23500 gp 
Veil of Allure Wondrous     14000 gp 
Waterskin of Deluge Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  12350 gp