Using the Database

The various links under the "Spells" option on the main menu allow you to view spells from a particular point of view. Inside of each of these views are their groupings and view options, choosing one of these will take you to a spell list. On the spell list, clicking the spell's name will take you to a full spell description.

There are 5 different spell list views available.

First link
The first link is the name or filter for that line, for spell levels, one might be Sor/Wiz 1. This list will have the spell's name, Save/Res, Level, Components, Duration, Range, Recharge time, and a short description.
This will list the spell's name only, very short and sweet. (especially on PDAs)
This is a useful one-line per spell view that should be pretty for printing, with name, School, Save, Duration, Casting Time, Range, Recharge Time, and the short description.
This link provides the same details as the first link as well as Schools, casting time, and Source Book.
This link provides the same details as the Long link as well as Effect, Expensive Focuses, Materials, XP costs, and the Full Spell Description.

The database does contain the full spell descriptions and details, but closed sources are not displayed. With a bit of inquisitive use of the spell search screen, you can get a good idea of what a spell looks like though.

I might open it up to everybody when I get my own island nation in the middle of the Pacific. Until then, I have to stay within the limits of Copyright law and fair use.