Index of Items by SubCategory - Adventuring Gear

Absorption, Rod of
Angriz' Chest
Antimagic Shackles
Aquamarine of Spell Extending
Arcane Key
Astral Beacon
Aureon's Spellshard
Backpack (empty)
Bag of Bounty
Bag of Endless Caltrops
Bag of Teeth
Banner of the Storm's Eye
Banner of Valour
Barrel (empty)
Basket (empty)
Battle Bridle
Black Fan
Blanket, winter
Blast Disk
Blasting Chime
Block and tackle
Book of Blood
Bottle of Endless Sand
Bottle, wine, glass
Bowl of Contemplation
Bracers of Dawn
Brain Canister
Breaker Bottle
Bridle of Ease
Bucket (empty)
Canvas (sq. yd.)
Captain's Lantern
Carpet of Flying, Large
Case, map or scroll
Censer of the Last Breath
Chain (10 ft.)
Chain of Tephaneron
Chalk, 1 piece
Charm of Protection from Disease
Charm of Protection from Spirits DC13
Charm of Protection from Spirits DC16
Charm of Protection from Spirits DC19
Charm of Protection from Theft
Chest (empty)
Clever Bridle 3
Clever Bridle 6
Clever Bridle 9
Codex Anathema
Coin of Eternal Rest
Contract of Nepthas
Cornucopia of the Needful
Crystal Sphere of Singing Waters
Dark Lantern
Deck of Illusions - Planar
Dimensional Chalk Holder
Dimensional Prism
Dimensional Sextant
Divine Spark
Dragonmark Focus +1
Dragonmark Focus +2
Dragonmark Focus +3
Dragonmark Focus +4
Dream Siphon
Ectoplasmic Armor +2
Eight Diagram Coins - major
Eight Diagram Coins - minor
Empowered Spellshard 1
Empowered Spellshard 2
Empowered Spellshard 3
Enemy Spirit Pouch
Enveloping Pit
Equestrian's Saddle
Eternal Wand - Level 0
Eternal Wand - Level 1
Eternal Wand - Level 2
Eternal Wand - Level 3
Everbright Lantern
Everfresh Bottle
Everfull Mug
Everlasting Feedbag
Everlasting Rations
Everproducing Rice Mortar - common
Everproducing Rice Mortar - extraordinary
Eversoaking Sponge
Faceted Persona - Charisma
Faceted Persona - Constitution
Faceted Persona - Dexterity
Faceted Persona - Intelligence
Faceted Persona - Strength
Faceted Persona - Wisdom
Fan of Furious Flame
Fang Bead
Field Provisions Box
Figurine of Illusory Escort
Figurine of Wondrous Power - Bone Ape
Figurine of Wondrous Power - Coral Dolphin
Figurine of Wondrous Power - Gold Beetle
Figurine of Wondrous Power - Ivory Camel
Figurine of Wondrous Power - Jade Spider
Figurine of Wondrous Power - Jet Serpent
Figurine of Wondrous Power - Pearl Octopus
Figurine of Wondrous Power - Pearlsteel Turtle
Figurine of Wondrous Power - Sardonyx Stone Flyer
Figuring of Wondrous Power - Blue Quartz Eagle
Firewood (per day)
Fishing net, 25 sq. ft.
Flask (empty)
Flint and steel
Float Bladder
Folding Trap - Ceiling Pendulum
Folding Trap - Scything Blade
Folding Trap - Tripping Chain
Folding Trap - Wall Blade
Folding Trap - Wall Scythe
Frostfell Figurine of Wondrous Power - Basalt Glyptodon
Frostfell Figurine of Wondrous Power - Coral Zeuglodon
Frostfell Figurine of Wondrous Power - Diamond Ice
Frostfell Figurine of Wondrous Power - Iron Megaloceros
Frostfell Figurine of Wondrous Power - Malachite Smilodon
Fruit Blossom Spike
Gate Compass
Gate Compass - greater
Gem of Psychic Poison
Gem of the Glitterdepth
Gem of Wishes
Glass of Distance
Globe of Sunlight
Golden Chalice of Ularinn
Golden Orb of Siluvanede
Golem Manual - Dragonbone Golem
Golem Manual - Drakestone Golem
Golem Manual - Ironwyrm Golem
Grappling hook
Hammer of the Weaponsmith
Holy Symbol - greater
Hook of Dissolution
Horn of Plenty
Horseless Saddle
Horseshoes of Thunder
Husk Globe
Iceheart - major
Iceheart - minor
Idol of the Dragon - black
Idol of the Dragon - blue
Idol of the Dragon - brass
Idol of the Dragon - bronze
Idol of the Dragon - copper
Idol of the Dragon - gold
Idol of the Dragon - green
Idol of the Dragon - red
Idol of the Dragon - silver
Idol of the Dragon - white
Image Projector
Implements of Binding +1
Implements of Binding +2
Implements of Binding +4
Implements of Binding +6
Implements of Binding +8
Infinite Scrollcase
Ink (1 oz. vial)
Insatiable Locust
Ioun Stone - Clear Teardrop
Ioun Stone of Resistance +1
Ioun Stone of Resistance +2
Ioun Stone of Resistance +3
Ioun Stone of Resistance +4
Ioun Stone of Resistance +5
Joyous Star Song
Jug of Whirlwinds
Jug, clay
Kiira N'Vaelhar
Kiira Stone
Knife of the Bowyer
Ladder, 10-foot
Lamp of Stars
Lamp, common
Lantern of Brightness
Lantern, bullseye
Lantern, hooded
Lawkeeper's Lock
Libram of Flesh
Lock, Amazing
Lock, Average
Lock, Good
Lock, Very simple
Magebane Manacles
Maggot Harvester
Manacles, masterwork
Mantle Stone of Vhyridaan
Map of Unseen Lands
Memento Magica Level 0
Memento Magica Level 1
Memento Magica Level 2
Memento Magica Level 3
Memento Magica Level 4
Memento Magica Level 5
Memento Magica Level 6
Memento Magica Level 7
Memento Magica Level 8
Memento Magica Level 9
Mierests Starlit Sphere
Minor Schema 1
Minor Schema 2
Minor Schema 3
Minor Schema 4
Minor Schema 5
Minor Schema 6
Mirror of Curing
Mirror of Enlightenment
Mirror of Fear
Mirror of Revelation
Mirror of Secrets Revealed
Mirror of Spirit Seeing
Mirror, small steel
Moon Mote
Mug/Tankard, clay
Multi-facted Persona
Necklace of Dragon's Teeth
Nondescript Box
Nycoptic Manuscripts
Oil (1-pint flask)
Opal of Tunneling
Orb of Holiness
Orb of Shadow - any 2
Orb of Shadow - level 0
Orb of Shadow - level 1
Orb of Shadow - level 2
Orb of Shadow - level 3
Orb of Shadow - level 4
Orb of Shadow - level 5
Orb of Shadow - level 6
Orb of Shadow - level 7
Orb of Shadow - level 8
Orb of Shadow - level 9
Orb of Showers
Orb of Tempests
Orbakh's Glass Skull
Paper (sheet)
Paper of Forms
Parchment (sheet)
Pearl of Protection from Fire 15
Pearl of Protection from Fire 30
Pearl of the Tides
Pegasus Helm of Kloeth Ironstar 
Pen of the Scribe
Phaant's Luckstone
Philosopher's Wool
Phylactery of Change
Pick, miner's
Piercing Needles of Pain 
Pipe of Grief
Pitcher, clay
Pitons - Burrowing
Pole, 10-foot
Portable Bridge
Portable Fountain
Pot, iron
Pouch of Purest Earth
Pouch of Winds
Pouch, belt (empty)
Preserving Jar
Quill of Rapid Scrivening
Quiver of Lies
Ram, portable
Rations, trail (per day)
Recalling Chime
Replenishing Skin
Resonance Stone of Delirium
Resonance Stone of Despair
Resonance Stone of Fear
Restricting Band
Rope of Climbing - superior
Rope, hempen (50 ft.)
Rope, silk (50 ft.)
Rug of Welcome
Sack (empty)
Sacred Ofuda
Saddle of Growth
Saddle of the Pegasus
Saddle of Weather Protection
Saddlebags of Holding
Saddlebags of Providing
Safe Box
Safewing Emblem
Saw of Prodigious Cutting
Scabbard, Sacred
Scrying Beacon
Scrying Shard
Sea-Steed's Bridle
Seal of the Spirit
Sealing wax
Secure Lines
Seed Pouch
Sending Stones
Sewing needle
Sextant of the Planes
Shackles of Silence
Shard of the Sun
Shards of the Fissure
Shielding Blinders
Signal whistle
Signet ring
Silent Portal Disk
Singing Bowl
Skull of Fear 
Slime Pot
Soap (per lb.)
Spade or shovel
Spare Hand - One
Spare Hand - Two
Sphere Mirror
Spice Jar
Spiralburst Bottle
Stalwart Eye
Standard - Banner of Chaos/Evil/Good/Law 
Standard - Banner of the Bane
Standard - Banner of the Unliving
Standard - Forgehome Standard
Standard - Healer's Standard
Standard - Sign of the Favoured
Standard - Standard of the Galloping Steed
Steadfast Stone
Stove of Everlasting Flame
Survival Pouch
Talent - Balance
Talent - Concentration
Talent - Hide
Talent - Jump
Talent - Listen
Talent - Move Silently
Talent - Sense Motive
Talent - Spot
Talent - Tumble
Testing Chalice
Thief Catcher
Thirsty Sand
Thought Bottle
Thunderbolt Chime
Thurible of Consecration
Thurible of Divining
Thurible of Retribution
Thurible of Warding
Tome of Ancient Lore
Tome of the Stilled Tongue
Tongs of the Armorer
Tovar's Instant Well
Triton Shell - Air
Triton Shell - Airless
Troll Gut Rope
Truelight Lantern
Truth Chime
Twilight Lantern
Vapor Bottle
Vasharan Offal Bag
Vestige Phylactery
Vial, ink or potion
Voluminous Vault - adamantine
Voluminous Vault - steel
Waterskin of Deluge
Weightless Scabbard
Whip of Obeyance
Wind Pipe
Wizard's Manacles
Wondrous Writing Set
Yornar's Crescent