Index of Feats by Name Letters - V

Name Prerequisites Benefit
Vampire Hunter Knowledge (religion) 6 ranks.  
Vault Str 13+, Jump 4 ranks.  
Venerable Elder Leadership, Recognized Elder, Wise Elder, membership in a tribe, venerable age.  
Venomless Serpent Bloodline, ability to cast 5th-level arcane spells.  
Vermin Friend Cha 15.  
Vermin Wild Shape Knowledge (nature) 24 ranks, wild shape 6/day. The character can use his or her normal wild shape ability to take the form of a vermin. The size limitation is the same as the character's limitation on animal size. 
Verminous Graft Ability to prepare and cast contagion, required sacrifice.  
Versatile Performer Perform (any) 5 ranks.  
Via Negativa Ability to rebuke undead.  
Victor's Luck    
Vile Ki Strike Cha 15, Improved Unarmed Strike.  
Vile Martial Strike Cha 15, Weapon Focus with the specified weapon.  
Vile Natural Attack Natural attack that deals at least 1d8 points of damage, base attack bonus +5.  
Violate Spell Any evil alignment.  
Violate Spell-Like Ability    
Voice of the Green Plant Bloodline, ability to cast 5th-level arcane spells.  
Vorpal Strike Str 25, Wis 25, Improved Critical (unarmed strike), Improved Unarmed Strike, Keen Strike, Stunning Fist, ki strike (adamantine). The character's unarmed strike is considered to be a slashing vorpal weapon. (At the character's option, any unarmed strike can do bludgeoning damage instead, but it loses the vorpal quality.) This ability doesn't stack with similar abilities 
Vow of Abstinence Sacred Vow.  
Vow of Chastity Sacred Vow.  
Vow of Nonviolence Sacred Vow.  
Vow of Obedience Sacred Vow.  
Vow of Peace Sacred Vow, Vow of Nonviolence.  
Vow of Poverty Sacred Vow  
Vow of Purity Sacred Vow.  
Vulnerable   You take a -1 penalty to Armor Class.