Index of Feats by Name Letters - R

Name Prerequisites Benefit
Radiant Fire Cleric level 3rd, deity Pelor.  
Ranged Disarm Dex 15, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, base attack bonus +5.  
Ranged Inspiration Bardic music class feature, Perform 25 ranks Double the range of any bardic music ability that has a range. (If the creature must hear the bard to be affected by the ability, that requirement doesn't change regardless of any extended range the bard's ability may have.) 
Ranged Pin Dex 15, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, base attack bonus +5.  
Ranged Smite Evil Smite evil class ability.  
Ranged Spell Specialization Weapon Focus (ranged spell), caster level 4th.  
Ranged Sunder Str 13, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, base attack bonus +5.  
Rapid Inspiration Perform 25 ranks, bardic music class feature. The character can use any of his or her bardic music inspiration abilities as a standard action. The inspiration takes effect immediately after the character concludes the action. 
Rapid Metabolism Con 13. You naturally heal a number of hit points per day equal to the standard healing rate + double your Constitution bonus. You heal even if you do not rest. This healing replaces your normal natural healing. If you are tended successfully by someone with the Heal skill, you instead regain double the normal amount of hit points + double your Constitution bonus. 
Rapid Reload Weapon Proficiency (crossbow type chosen). The time required for you to reload your chosen type of crossbow is reduced to a free action (for a hand or light crossbow) or a move action (for a heavy crossbow). Reloading a crossbow still provokes an attack of opportunity. If you have selected this feat for hand crossbow or light crossbow, you may fire that weapon as many times in a full attack action as you could attack if you were using a bow. 
Rapid Shot Dex 13, Point Blank Shot. You can get one extra attack per round with a ranged weapon. The attack is at your highest base attack bonus, but each attack you make in that round (the extra one and the normal ones) takes a -2 penalty. You must use the full attack action to use this feat. 
Improved Rapid Shot Manyshot, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot.  
Rapid Stunning Combat Reflexes, Stunning Fist, base attack bonus +6.  
Rapid Swimming Natural swim speed, base Fortitude save +2.  
Raptor School Wis 13, Jump 5 ranks, base attack bonus +6.  
Razing Strike Sneak attack, caster level 5th.  
Reach Bite Aboleth, Str 28, Powerful Bite, Weapon Focus (bite).  
Reach Spell   You may cast a spell that normally has a range of touch at any distance up to 30 feet. The spell effectively becomes a ray, so you must succeed at a ranged touch attack to bestow the spell upon the recipient. A reach spell uses up a spell slot two levels higher than the spell's actual level. 
Reactive Countersong Combat Reflexes, Perform 30 ranks, bardic music class feature. The character can begin a countersong at any time, even when it isn't his or her turn (much like a wizard who has readied a counterspell action), though the character doesn't have to ready an action to do so. The character can't use Reactive Countersong at the same time he or she issuing another bardic music ability (though the character could stop the other bardic music ability to begin Reactive Countersong if so desired). 
Reactive Counterspell Improved Counterspell, Improved Initiative.  
Reaping Spell Any evil alignment.  
Reckless Charge Base attack bonus +1.  
Reckless Offense Base attack bonus +1. When you use the attack action or full attack action in melee, you can take a penalty of -4 to your Armor Class and add a +2 bonus on your melee attack roll. The bonus on attack rolls and penalty to Armor Class last until the beginning of your next turn. 
Reckless Wand Wielder Use Magic Device 1 rank, Craft Wand.  
Recognized Elder Leadership, membership in a tribe, old age.  
Reflect Arrows Dex 25, Deflect Arrows, Improved Unarmed Strike. When the character deflects an arrow or other ranged attack, the attack is reflected back upon the attacker at the character's base ranged attack bonus. 
Repeat Spell Any other metamagic feat. A repeated spell is automatically cast again at the beginning of your next round of actions. No matter where you are, the secondary spell originates from the same location and affects the same area as the primary spell. If the repeated spell designates a target, the secondary spell retargets the same target if the target is within 30 feet of its original position; otherwise the secondary spell fails to go off. A repeated spell uses up a spell slot three levels higher than the spell's actual level. Repeat Spell cannot be used on spells with a range of touch. 
Reptilian Healing Lizardfolk, Con 16, Great Fortitude.  
Requiem Bardic music class feature, Perform (any) 8 ranks.  
Greater Resiliency    
Resist Poison Bugbear (the Earthfast Mountains), chitine (Underdark [Yathchol]), dwarf (Underdark [Northdark]), goblin (the Earthfast Mountains), hobgoblin (the Earthfast Mountains), human (Dambrath or Lapaliiya), or orc (the Moonsea or the North).  
Resounding Blow Str 13, Power Attack, Intimidate 7 ranks.  
Resourceful Buyer    
Restricted Sorcery Ability to cast spells without preparation.  
Retribution Power Attack.  
Return Shot Point Blank Shot, Psionic Shot, Fell Shot, base attack bonus +3. To use this feat, you must expend your psionic focus and have at least one hand free. Once per round when you would normally be hit by a projectile or a thrown weapon no more than one size category larger than your size, you can deflect the attack so that you take no damage from it. The attack is deflected back at your attacker, using the attack bonus of the original attack on you. You must be aware of the attack and not flat-footed. Attempting to return a shot is a free action. 
Ride-by Attack Ride 1 rank, Mounted Combat. When you are mounted and use the charge action, you may move and attack as if with a standard charge and then move again (continuing the straight line of the charge). Your total movement for the round can't exceed double your mounted speed. You and your mount do not provoke an attack of opportunity from the opponent that you attack. 
Righteous Strike Wis 19, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, any lawful alignment. The character's unarmed strike is treated as an axiomatic weapon (it is lawfully aligned and deals an extra 2d6 points of damage against creatures of chaotic alignment). This ability doesn't stack with similar abilities. 
Righteous Wrath Rage class ability.  
Roofwalker Balance 5 ranks, Jump 5 ranks, Dodge, Mobility.  
Roundabout Kick Str 15, Improved Unarmed Strike, Power Attack.  
Ruinous Rage Str 25, Improved Sunder, Power Attack, rage 5/day. While in a rage, the character ignores the hardness of any object he or she strikes. Also, double the character's Strength bonus for the purposes of any Strength check made to break an object with sudden force rather than by dealing normal damage (including bursting bindings, such as ropes or manacles). 
Run   When running, you move five times your normal speed (if wearing medium, light, or no armor and carrying no more than a medium load) or four times your speed (if wearing heavy armor or carrying a heavy load). If you make a jump after a running start (see the Jump skill description), you gain a +4 bonus on your Jump check. While running, you retain your Dexterity bonus to AC.