Sorted NameBane
FamilyWeapon Ability
Price+1 bonus
AuraModerate conjuration
Caster Level8
SourcesSystem Reference Document on page 224

Craft Magic Arms and Armor, summon monster I


A bane weapon excels at attacking one type or subtype of creature. Against its designated foe, its effective enhancement bonus is +2 better than its normal enhancement bonus. It deals an extra 2d6 points of damage against the foe. Bows, crossbows, and slings so crafted bestow the bane quality upon their ammunition. To randomly determine a weapon's designated foe, roll on the following table.

d% Designated Foe
01-05 Aberrations
06-09 Animals
10-16 Constructs
17-22 Dragons
23-27 Elementals
28-32 Fey
33-39 Giants
40 Humanoids, aquatic
41-42 Humanoids, dwarf
43-44 Humanoids, elf
45 Humanoids, gnoll
46 Humanoids, gnome
47-49 Humanoids, goblinoid
50 Humanoids, halfling
51-54 Humanoids, human
55-57 Humanoids, reptilian
58-60 Humanoids, orc
61-65 Magical beasts
66-70 Monstrous humanoids
71-72 Oozes
73 Outsiders, air
74-76 Outsiders, chaotic
77 Outsiders, earth
78-80 Outsiders, evil
81 Outsiders, fire
82-84 Outsiders, good
85-87 Outsiders, lawful
88 Outsiders, water
89-90 Plants
91-98 Undead
99-100 Vermin

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