Index of Spells by Level - Sor/Wiz 6

Acid Fog
Acid Storm (M)
Alert Bebilith (M)
Analyze Dweomer (F)
Animate Dread Warrior (XP)
Animate Objects
Greater Anticipate Teleportation (F)
Antimagic Field
Ashen Union
Aura of Evasion (M)
Aura of Terror
Mass Bear's Endurance
Bite of the Weretiger
Blackwater Taint
Brilliant Blade
Mass Bull's Strength
Mass Cat's Grace
Chain Lightning
Circle of Death (M)
Cloak of the Sea
Conditional Spell
Conjure Midnight Construct (M)
Mass Lesser Construct Essence
Mass Contagion
Contingency (F)
Control Elemental
Control Water
Create Undead (M)
Crushing Sphere
Curse of Spilt Water
Demonic Blood Infusion (M)
Mass Desiccate
Greater Dispel Magic
Dream Casting
Mass Eagle's Splendor
Ectoplasmic Enhancement
Electrical Deluge
Greater Energy Surge
Ensnarement (M)
Entomb (M)
Extract Water Elemental
Eye of Stone
False Sending
Fiendish Quickening
Fire Spiders
Fires of Purity
Flesh to Stone
Forceful Hand
Mass Fox's Cunning
Freezing Claw
Freezing Fog
Freezing Glance
Freezing Sphere
Gemjump (F)
Ghorus Toth's Magnetism
Ghoul Gauntlet
Glass Strike
Glimpse Of The Prophecy
Globe of Invulnerability
Guards and Wards
Hardening (M)
Greater Heroism
Howling Chain (F)
Ice Rift
Illusory Pit
Imbue Familiar with Spell Ability
Imperious Glare
Impotent Possessor
Incorporeal Nova
Legend Lore (M) (F)
Make Manifest
Mental Pinnacle (M)
Mineralize Warrior (M) (XP)
Move Earth
Move Snow and Ice
Necrotic Eruption (F)
Nybor's Psychic Imprint (F)
Ooze Puppet
Orbs of Various Energy
Overwhelming Revelations
Mass Owl's Wisdom
Permanent Image (M)
Planar Binding
Power Word Nauseate
Prismatic Eye (F)
Probe Thoughts
Programmed Image (M)
Mass Reflective Disguise
Remorseless Charm (M)
Repulsion (F)
Superior Resistance
Revive Undead (M)
Sand Spiral
Sandblast (LE)
Scalding Mud
Scry Location
Seal Portal (M)
Shadow Canopy
Shadow Shield
Shadow Walk
Shadowy Grappler
Shalantha's Delicate Disk
Greater Sign of Sealing (M)
Sirellyn's Superior Magnetism
Snare Astral Traveler
Spectral Touch
Spore Cloak
Starmantle (M)
Stone Body
Stone Metamorphosis
Stone to Flesh
Storm Prison
Subvert Planar Essence (M)
Mass Suggestion
Summon Monster VI
Suppress Flame (M)
Symbol of Fear (M)
Symbol of Persuasion (M)
Symbol of Thirst (M)
Interplanar Telepathic Bond
Teleport Coordinates Transfer
Teleport Tracer
Semimonthly Temporary Soul Binding (M)
The Hamagess' Staffsprout (F)
Threshold of Unlife
Transformation (M)
Translocation Trick
True Seeing (M)
Tunnel Swallow
Undeath to Death (M)
Wages of Sin
Wall of Gears
Wall of Iron (M)
Waves of Cold (M)