Index of Items by Family - Warforge Component

Circlet of Preservation
Command Circlet
Disk of Acid Resistance - greater
Disk of Acid Resistance - major
Disk of Acid Resistance - minor
Disk of Cold Resistance - greater
Disk of Cold Resistance - major
Disk of Cold Resistance - minor
Disk of Electricity Resistance - greater
Disk of Electricity Resistance - major
Disk of Electricity Resistance - minor
Disk of Fire Resistance - greater
Disk of Fire Resistance - major
Disk of Fire Resistance - minor
Disk of Sonic Resistance - greater
Disk of Sonic Resistance - major
Disk of Sonic Resistance - minor
Docent - 1 ability
Docent - 2 abilities
Docent - 3 abilities
Docent - 4 abilities
Docent Ability - Deathwatch
Docent Ability - Decipher Script
Docent Ability - Detect Magic
Docent Ability - Detect Opposing Alignment
Docent Ability - Detect Scrying
Docent Ability - Detect Undead
Docent Ability - Diplomacy
Docent Ability - Haste
Docent Ability - Knowledge
Docent Ability - Listen
Docent Ability - Search
Docent Ability - Sense Motive
Docent Ability - Spellcraft
Docent Ability - Spot
Docent Ability - Status
Docent Ability - Zone of Truth
Dragonshard Core - Eberron
Dragonshard Core - Khyber
Dragonshard Core - Siberys
Essence of the Guard
Essence of the Guard - greater
Essence of the Guard - improved
Essence of the Scout
Essence of the Scout - greater
Essence of the Scout - improved
Expanded Reservoir
Final Messenger
Power Crystal 1
Power Crystal 2
Power Crystal 3
Power Crystal 4
Power Crystal 5
Power Crystal 6
Power Crystal 7
Power Crystal 8
Power Crystal 9
Psychic Generator
Tauric Belt
Tracker Mask
Traction Claws
Wand Sheath
Winged Cape