Index of Items by Family - Rod

Absorption, Rod of
Alertness, Rod of
Besiegement Rod
Blast Scepter
Blast Scepter Rod
Cancellation, Rod of
Celestial Bane Rod
Channeling Rod - Empower - greater
Channeling Rod - Empower - least
Channeling Rod - Empower - lesser
Channeling Rod - Empower - Sibarys
Channeling Rod - Enlarge - greater
Channeling Rod - Enlarge - least
Channeling Rod - Enlarge - lesser
Channeling Rod - Enlarge - Sibarys
Channeling Rod - Extend - greater
Channeling Rod - Extend - least
Channeling Rod - Extend - lesser
Channeling Rod - Extend - Sibarys
Channeling Rod - Maximize - greater
Channeling Rod - Maximize - least
Channeling Rod - Maximize - lesser
Channeling Rod - Maximize - Sibarys
Channeling Rod - Quicken - greater
Channeling Rod - Quicken - least
Channeling Rod - Quicken - lesser
Channeling Rod - Quicken - Sibarys
Chromatic Rod
Conduit Rod
Diamond Rod
Dowsing Rod
Dragonmark Rod - detection
Dragonmark Rod - finding
Dragonmark Rod - handling
Dragonmark Rod - healing
Dragonmark Rod - hospitality
Dragonmark Rod - making
Dragonmark Rod - passage
Dragonmark Rod - scribing
Dragonmark Rod - sentinel
Dragonmark Rod - shadow
Dragonmark Rod - storm
Dragonmark Rod - warding
Dragonmark Scepter
Enemy Detection, Rod of
Epic Absorption, Rod of
Epic Cancellation, Rod of
Epic Might, Rod of
Epic Negation, Rod of
Epic Rulership, Rod of
Epic Spellcaster, Rod of
Epic Splendor, Rod of
Excellent Magic, Rod of
Flailing, Rod of
Flame Extinguishing, Rod of
Fortification, Rod of
Fury, Rod of
Ghost Rod
Harrow Rod
Icicle Rod
Immovable Rod
Interference, Rod of
Invulnerability, Rod of
Lordly Might, Rod of
Magic Siphon
Metal and Mineral Detection, Rod of
Metamagic Rod - Chaining
Metamagic Rod - Chaining - greater
Metamagic Rod - Chaining - lesser
Metamagic Rod - Cooperation
Metamagic Rod - Cooperation - greater
Metamagic Rod - Cooperation - lesser
Metamagic Rod - Sculpting
Metamagic Rod - Sculpting - greater
Metamagic Rod - Sculpting - lesser
Metamagic Rod - Substitution
Metamagic Rod - Substitution - greater
Metamagic Rod - Substitution - lesser
Metamagic Rod of Chaining, greater
Metamagic Rod of Chaining, lesser
Metamagic Rod of Chaining, normal
Metamagic Rod of Empower, Greater
Metamagic Rod of Empower, Lesser
Metamagic Rod of Empower, Normal
Metamagic Rod of Enlarge, Greater
Metamagic Rod of Enlarge, Lesser
Metamagic Rod of Enlarge, Normal
Metamagic Rod of Extend, Greater
Metamagic Rod of Extend, Lesser
Metamagic Rod of Extend, Normal
Metamagic Rod of Maximize, Greater
Metamagic Rod of Maximize, Lesser
Metamagic Rod of Maximize, Normal
Metamagic Rod of Quicken, Greater
Metamagic Rod of Quicken, Lesser
Metamagic Rod of Quicken, Normal
Metamagic Rod of Silent, Greater
Metamagic Rod of Silent, Lesser
Metamagic Rod of Silent, Normal
Metashadow Rod - Empower
Metashadow Rod - Empower - greater
Metashadow Rod - Empower - lesser
Metashadow Rod - Enlarge
Metashadow Rod - Enlarge - greater
Metashadow Rod - Enlarge - lesser
Metashadow Rod - Extend
Metashadow Rod - Extend - greater
Metashadow Rod - Extend - lesser
Metashadow Rod - Line of Shadow
Metashadow Rod - Line of Shadow - greater
Metashadow Rod - Line of Shadow - lesser
Metashadow Rod - Maximize
Metashadow Rod - Maximize - greater
Metashadow Rod - Maximize - lesser
Metashadow Rod - Quicken
Metashadow Rod - Quicken - greater
Metashadow Rod - Quicken - lesser
Metashadow Rod - Reach
Metashadow Rod - Reach - greater
Metashadow Rod - Reach - lesser
Metashadow Rod - Still
Metashadow Rod - Still - greater
Metashadow Rod - Still - lesser
Negation, Rod of
Nightmares, Rod of
Paradise, Rod of
Pen of the Living Parchment
Portal Demolisher
Prospector's Rod
Python Rod
Raven Skull Rod
Regalia of Evil - Scepter
Regalia of Good - Scepter
Regalia of Neutrality - Scepter
Restless Death, Rod of
Rod of Arming
Rod of Authority
Rod of Avoidance
Rod of Cats
Rod of Celestial Might
Rod of Construct Control
Rod of Defiance
Rod of Displacement
Rod of Divergence
Rod of Dragon Mastery
Rod of Embassy
Rod of Enervating Strike
Rod of Faerzress Negation
Rod of Force
Rod of Freedom
Rod of Fury +1
Rod of Fury +2
Rod of Fury +3
Rod of Fury +4
Rod of Fury +5
Rod of Grievous Wounds
Rod of Leadership
Rod of Mimicry
Rod of Mirrors
Rod of Paralysis
Rod of Piercing Cold
Rod of Piercing Cold - greater
Rod of Piercing Cold - lesser
Rod of Portal Finder
Rod of Possession
Rod of Reversal
Rod of Sand Repelling
Rod of Seven Parts
Rod of Silence
Rod of Sliding
Rod of Spheres
Rod of Sure Striking
Rod of Surprises
Rod of the Dead
Rod of the Legendary Mariner
Rod of the Recluse
Rod of the Twisted Weave
Rod of Tracking
Rod of Transposition
Rod of Trees
Rod of Tuning
Rod of Undead Mastery
Rod of Valmaxian
Rod of Viscous Globs
Rod of Warning
Rod of Webspinning
Rod of Whips
Ruby Rod of Asmodeus
Rulership, Rod of
Scepter of Obedience
Scepter of the Netherworld
Scepter of Wild Dominion
Scepter, Warlock's
Security, Rod of
Silver Ankh of Ra
Soul Anchor
Spider Rod
Splendor, Rod of
Tentacle Rod - greater
Tentacle Rod - lesser
The Path, Rod of
Thunder and Lightning, Rod of
Viper Rod
Wand of Orcus
Withering, Rod of
Wonder, Rod of
Wyrm Rod, Black
Wyrm Rod, Blue
Wyrm Rod, Brass
Wyrm Rod, Bronze
Wyrm Rod, Copper
Wyrm Rod, Gold
Wyrm Rod, Green
Wyrm Rod, Red
Wyrm Rod, Silver
Wyrm Rod, White