Index of Spells by Sources - Stormwrack


Save - Res Level Comps
Dur Range Recharge
Aboleth Curse
  Sor/Wiz 4  
    24 hours

Subject's skin undergoes a horrible transformation.

Air Breathing
  Arc 3, Clr 3, Drd 3, Sor/Wiz 3  
    4 hours

Subjects can breathe air freely.

Airy Water
  Seafolk 6, Sor/Wiz 5  
    1 hour

Turn normal water into a breathable substance; negate underwater movement and melee attack penalties.

Blackwater Taint
  Blackwater 6, Sor/Wiz 6  

Desecrate water, deal 1d6/2 levels negative energy damage, bestow a negative level.

Blackwater Tentacle
  Arc 5, Blackwater 5, Drd 5, Sor/Wiz 5  

Create blackwater tentacle that attacks your foe.

Control Currents
  Arc 4, Drd 4  

Changes current direction and speed.

Dark Tide
  Blackwater 7  
    6 hours

Infuse water over a large area with negative energy, causing weakness and 1d6 damage/hour.

  Arc 8, Drd 8, Seafolk 8, Sor/Wiz 8  

Water slam deals 2d6 + 1/level damage to all within 20-ft. radius, pushes targets back, sinks ships.

Detect Ship (F)
  Brd 3, Sor/Wiz 3  
    24 hours

Detect and identify ships.

Disguise Ship
  Sor/Wiz 4  
    6 hours

Disguises a ship.

Doom of the Seas (XP)
  Arc 9, Blackwater 9, Drd 9  

Summons a fiendish kraken (Doom of the Seas) under your command.

Favorable Wind
  Arc 3, Drd 3, Sor/Wiz 3  
    1 hour

Produces a strong wind that lasts 10 min./level.

Fins to Feet
  Arc 2, Drd 2, Seafolk 2, Sor/Wiz 2  
    6 hours

Transforms tails and fins into legs and feet.

  Arc 5, Brd 4, Drd 5, Sor/Wiz 5  
    4 hours

You can scry creatures in contact with a body of water.

Jaws of the Moray
  Arc 2, Drd 2, Sor/Wiz 2  
    5 minutes

Subject gains a bite attack.

Jig of the Waves
  Brd 2  

Force creatures to dance a jig which causes penalties and forces random movement.

Kuo-Toa Skin
  Arc 1, Drd 1, Rgr 1, Sor/Wiz 2  
    6 hours

Subject gains +8 on Escape Artist checks and cannot be snared by webs.

Megalodon Empowerment (M)
  Arc 8, Drd 8, Seafolk 7  

Gain scent, water breathing, swim speed for 1 hour/level.

Mordenkainen's Capable Caravel (F)
  Sor/Wiz 8  

Creates magical ship with extradimensional staterooms.

  Arc 6, Drd 6, Sor/Wiz 6  

Landslide buries, mires creatures within a 40-ft. radius.

Planar Navigation (F)
  Sor/Wiz 9  

Send a whole ship to another plane.

Pressure Sphere
  Arc 2, Blackwater 2, Drd 2, Sor/Wiz 2  

Water pressure deals 4d6 damage to submerged targets.

  Arc 1, Brd 1, Drd 1, Rgr 1, Seafolk 1, Sor/Wiz 1  
    6 hours

Your swim speed increases by 10 ft.

Rapture of the Deep
  Brd 6  
    12 hours

Target becomes comatose.

Red Tide
  Arc 8, Drd 8  

Sicken or Nauseate subjects in area for 1 minute. 3d6 temporary Strength damage poison to Fortitude save failure.

Roar of the Waves
  Brd 3  

Make one target/2 levels deafened and shaken.

Scales of the Sealord
  Arc 3, Drd 3, Rgr 3, Seafolk 3  
    6 hours

Add 10 ft. to swim speed or gain swim speed of 15 ft.; add natural armor bonus +1/3 levels.

  Sor/Wiz 2  
    30 minutes

Subject loses buoyancy.

Siren's Call
  Brd 3, Seafolk 4, Sor/Wiz 4  

Compel one creature/2 levels to submerse itself.

Steed of the Seas
  Arc 2, Pal 2  
    6 hours

Make your special mount amphibious.

Stormrunner's Ward
  Sor/Wiz 2  
    6 hours

Add +4 (+1/4 levels) to ship's checks to weather storms.

  Arc 6, Drd 6, Sor/Wiz 6  
    6 hours

Teleport yourself and one creature/2 levels from a storm.

  Arc 2, Drd 2, Sor/Wiz 2, Wuj 2  
    1 hour

Subject gains a swim speed equal to their land speed.

Tern's Persistence
  Arc 1, Drd 2, Rgr 1, Sor/Wiz 2  
    24 hours

Subject can travel overland 50% longer without fatigue.

  Arc 4, Drd 4, Sor/Wiz 5  

Turns blood to seawater, dealing 1d6/level damage.

Tojanida Sight
  Arc 2, Drd 2, Rgr 2  
    1 hour

Gain all-around vision.

Transformation of the Deeps
  Arc 5, Blackwater 4, Drd 5, Sor/Wiz 5  
    6 hours

Grant water breathing, darkvision, and pressure immunity to one creature/3 levels.

  Sor/Wiz 2  
    30 minutes

Water surrounding you becomes cloudy, granting concealment.

Urchin's Spines
  Arc 1, Drd 2, Rgr 1, Sor/Wiz 2  
    30 minutes

Target grows spines that damage opponents.

Wake Trailing
  Arc 3, Drd 4, Rgr 3  
    24 hours

You can track a ship across the sea.

Water to Acid
  Sor/Wiz 3  

Transforms 1 cu. ft./level of water into acid.

  Arc 7, Drd 7, Ocean 7  

Creates waterspout that moves, damages creatures, sucks creatures upward.

Wave Blessing
  Sor/Wiz 1  
    1 hour

Keeps one creature/level from sinking.

  Arc 1, Drd 1, Rgr 1  
    1 hour

Target gains +4 on Swim and is less hindered by bog terrain.