Index of Spells by Domain - Herald

Deities: Barachiel (LG)

Name: Herald

Granted Power: Intimidate is a class skill. You gain a +4 sacred bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks.

Name Scl Sv Rs Dur CT Rng Re Description
Comprehend Languages D N N 10m/l 1a P 4h

Touch creature or writing to understand language, but you cannot speak or write them.

Enthrall En W- Y 1h|< 1r M G

Captivates all within 100 ft. + 10 ft./level.

Tongues D W- N 10m/l 1a T 1h

Speak any language.

Sending Ev N N 1r;x 10m txt G

Delivers short message anywhere, instantly.

Greater Command En W- Y 1r/l 1a C G

As command, but affects one subject/level.

Dream I N Y x 1m U G

Sends message to anyone sleeping.

Visage of The Deity T-+ N N 1r/l 1a P G

As visage of the deity, lesser, but you become celestial or fiendish.

Crown Of Glory (M) Ev W- Y 1m/l 1r 120f G

You gain +4 Charisma and enthrall those who hear you.

Greater Visage of the Deity T-+ N N 1r/l 1a P G

As visage of the deity, lesser , except that you become half-celestial or half-fiend.