Index of Spells by Domain - Artifice

Deities: Dark Six (Pantheon) (NE), Onatar (NG), Sovereign Host (pantheon) (NG), The Becoming God (N), The Lord of Blades (LE), The Traveler (CN)

Name: Artifice

Granted Power: Gain +4 bonus on Craft checks. The character casts conjuration (creation) spells at +1 caster level. (Those with access to both the Artifice and Creation domains cast conjuration [creation] spells at +3 caster level.)

Name Scl Sv Rs Dur CT Rng Re Description
Animate Rope T N N 1r/l 1a M G

Makes a rope move at your command.

Wood Shape T W- Y ! 1a T 6h

Rearranges wooden objects to suit you.

Stone Shape T N N ! 1a T 6h

Sculpts stone into any shape.

Minor Creation C N N 1h/l* 1m 0f 6h

Creates one cloth or wood object.

Fabricate (M) T N N ! txt C 4h

Transforms raw materials into finished items.

Major Creation C N N x 10m C G

As minor creation, plus stone and metal.

Hardening (M) T N Y P 1a T G

Permanently make an object's hardness improve.

True Creation (XP) C N N ! 10m 0f G

Create nonmagical, unattended object of any sort of matter.

Prismatic Sphere A N * 10m/l* 1a 10f G

As prismatic wall, but surrounds on all sides.